TSAZ is a landing page for research in Decentralized Infrastructure.  Most of the creations here are mine (Stewart Losee), but I also provide an info hub for contemporary research for anyone interested in this topic.

After observing the News for many years and theorizing various approaches to social justice, I decided that infrastructure was the core issue from which all problems descend.  As citizens of an industrial society, navigating the ownership of machines that deliver vital life support such as food, is strangely more important than gathering food.

My ultimate goal is to design technology that empowers people. If the water company is a price fixing politically entrenched monopoly, then maybe we can design our own water system with plans that can be downloaded and fabricated anywhere in the world.  New highly advanced tools have recently been made available to the common man.  This is a game changer.

The most important piece of infrastructure is the home.  7 billion people use a home every day!  The home can generate power, collect water, store tools, cook food, and have a bed.  This is why TetraHouse has been the primary focus of this body of work.

TSAZ is however interested in all pieces of decentralized infrastructure.  From mesh networking, to DIY tractors, to Kitchenettes.  Anything that puts infrastructure in the hands of the end-user is a step in the right direction, and probably the most important thing you could do to effect the world.  Everyone understands the problems we face, but we have no power to do anything about it.  This is power.


NOTE : The content on this page is in the process of being filled out and some pages act as place holders with more info to come.  Soon.