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They've got the right idea.  All the hype surrounding 3d printing was defiantly an under-realized dream.  I like the Facebook analogy.  Facebook would have been completely possible at the advent of the internet.  It's just glorified email and it wasn't beyond our physical capacity at the time.  It took us … Continue Reading ››

Body Actualized Center Install

This installation at Body Actualized Center eventually culminated into an event for Bushwick Open Studios 2014. Jon Shapiro of Data Garden joined forces with TetraHouse to produce an immersive audio installation. Sensors were attached to plants that converted minute electrical signals within the plants into dynamic and eerie sounds. The … Continue Reading ››

Flux Factory Install

Flux Factory is a DIY art space in Long Island City where fairly legit academic types are creating that environment outside the academy.  They operate as an international hub for people interested in art, social practice, and often radical and/or gender politics.  This TetraHouse installation was for a Flux residency … Continue Reading ››