Body Actualized Center Install

This installation at Body Actualized Center eventually culminated into an event for Bushwick Open Studios 2014. Jon Shapiro of Data Garden joined forces with TetraHouse to produce an immersive audio installation. Sensors were attached to plants that converted minute electrical signals within the plants into dynamic and eerie sounds. The recording in the video is unedited, short of a few cuts and fades.

Body Actualized TetraHouseThe backyard of Body Actualized was an old metal fabrication space.  There was a patched together steel frame that spanned the back yard.  Old metal pillars were caked in thousands of layers of paint.  I added some reinforcements to this frame and started building the TetraHouse platform on this steel frame.  Angelina helped me sand and finish some fir beams I dumpstered from around the corner.

Here's the first level of TetraHouse installed on the fir platform.
Here’s the first level of TetraHouse installed on the fir platform.

The stair case was repurposed, reinfornced, and installed.   TetraHouse stands about 12 feet tall.  The base started at about 9 feet, so by the time we were installing the second level we were quite high.

Body Actualized TetraHouse
Full cuboctahedron assembly. The impact driver provides a scale reference.
Body Actualized TetraHouse
Detail of beams and LoseeNodes converging.

Body Actualized TetraHouse

TetraHouse and Data Garden
Kat Hunt, Jon Shapiro and others sitting in the installation

Tetra-House-Body-Actualized-Data-GardenThis was supposed to be a proving ground for the TetraHouse membrane, allowing it to be used as a four season greenhouse.  To this day I’ve done many installations around Brooklyn and I’ve always been kicked out before being able to take the project further.  In the case of Body Actualized, some Hasids bought the building next door, threw up a condo almost over night, then called the cops dozens of times to smear the Body Actualized name in the city records, a formality that is required before further city sanctioned action can take place.  Very systematic.  Before this Body had been operating just fine for many years and functioned as a hub for internationally acclaimed artists, musicians, and various practitioners of healthy life style.  The condo blocked out the sun so a green house membrane would have been pointless.  Brooklyn changes very very quickly.  Next time!…probably not in Brooklyn. tetrahouse_body_actualized_bushwick_open_studios_01 Body-Actuzlized-Flux-Factory-TetraHouse-08