The Hunter Jack Tiny Home

Before TetraHouse was a thing, a friend of mine was living out of his old Benz and was looking for alternative living situations.  He was willing to drop a little money on materials, and I decided to help him come up with an experimental house.  Our plan to revolutionize the Tiny Home scene never cam to fruition, but it did yield some interesting concepts.

A Rough Overview


The house is placed on the Star of David interlocking frame that I demonstrated in this old video:


The walls are laminated panels of 1/2″OSB—> 2″ PolyISO Foam —> 1/4″ Luan …all held together with spray adhesive, pan-head screws and drywall anchors, or nylon bolts.

The walls are held together with steel columns that come off the Star of David frame.  Each column is made of three steel studs screwed together.  These can be seen in the diagram below.

The panels and columns are bisected at an angle.  The offcuts are then attached to the opposite panels.  The diagram below attempts to illustrate this.

After the whole hexagonal extrusion shape is cut off at an angle, a sheet of polycarbonate is laid over top.  There’s a retractable roll of foam that provides a blanket for times when solar energy is not being taken in.

Bisecting Panels and beams for Tiny Home

Each house can be filled out with functional objects

Tiny Home Layout

With modularity in mind, I considered ways of joining these individual units into larger complexes.

Crystalline fortress
Crystalline fortress