Permiculture Festival

Scott Beibin is very active in activist communities.  He participates in a variety of DIY spaces and operates mostly out of Philly.  He’s an aficionado of hacker technologies.  At some point a collaboration might occur.  On this day we set out to attend the Park Slope Permiculture festival together to do some TetraHouse demonstrations.  Here’s documentation from that day.

This offering was made the night prior.
I loaded everything on a dolly and hit the streets
I loaded everything on a dolly and hit the streets…heading out to the Permiculture Festival in Park Slope.


I explained things to people.


Yes, Captain America did make an appearance that day.  Why don’t kindergartens have more impact drivers?
This kid blew my mind with his comprehension of the shapes. I thought these wads of geometry were incomprehensible even to adults. He put one together better than most people…proving that consciousness transcends age. This shot was taken as he first started studying the shape.  This is a photo of neurological pathways forming.
Jen Plaskowitz with a LoseeNode assembly on her head for this blessed Autumn day.