Ship Build

I made this ship for Russian artist, Alexander Ponomarev.  The final product was covered in faux-finished sheet metal to resemble a battered old ice breaker ship.  The interior structure however is pertinent to housing so I thought I would include it on this site.

Here’s a series of diagrams about how you’d adapt this boat assembly method to a seed-pod-house.  These are very preliminary but illustrate the concepts.

seed pod

A curvaceous hull shape was imported into AutoDesk’s MeshMixer software.


I performed some basic mods like: turning it to a solid, trimming it down, hollowing it out and setting the wall and base thicknesses.  From there it was sent to AutoDesk’s 123D Make software.  This software is for doing desktop constructions and small scale laser cut things.  You can however bump the settings through the roof and make massive objects.  123D Make converted this organic hull form into a ribbed structure and exported it as a DXF.  Since all the pieces were too big for regular 4×8′ sheets of ply, I had to manually chop up all the pieces and stagger them using SketchUp.  123D Make’s nesting algorithm is really shoddy too, so its always necessary to use an external software to compact them properly.

Here’s some assembly diagrams:


And a messy diagram of everything in process:

The structure was curious because it naturally created a lot of seating and shelves.  There is a large bench at the base, and you can sit comfortably 3-4 ribs high.  We were watching movies in here and it had cozy amphitheater quality.

A big panorama of my fellow builders in the construction:build01_web_stewart_loseeDesigning anchors for the boat.  They ended up too small, but I told them that I’m from Nebraska and know nothing of nautical culture.stewart_losee_cnc_anchors_2Carving in foamstewart_losee_cnc_anchors

An altar-like layout of all the ribs:   stewart_losee_cnc_sketchup_art_boat stewart_losee_sketchup_art_boat_cnc b0at3

build02_web_stewart_loseeThe facade was too thin to break a bottle of champagne upon, so I touched it with a single drop.stewart_losee_cnc_art_boatContemporary art is very transient. The disassembly:boat5