I’ve tried repeatedly to install TetraHouses around Brooklyn (the city I live in) only to be met with opposition.  Buying a small RV was my solution to continuing this research.  Strangely you can do more right out on the street than you can in your own backyard because of the loop holes cars open in our society.  Cars are obtuse creatures that require special laws, special permissions for things that would otherwise be considered ridiculous.  Many things can sneak through in this vessel.  Tiny Homes realized this and exploited it.  I don’t think a municipality should be cracking down on small scale structures but if they do, pop it up on wheels and suddenly it’s invisible to the law.  Michael Reynolds of Earthships took a 10 year hiatus from building just medal in legislation after Arizona shut his project down.  10 years to convince them that putting dirt in a tire was legal!  Late stage capitalism is an intricate network of trolls.  Moving, under, with, and around the law is necessary.

1982 Toyota Chinook
TetraHouse is an architectural project and I noticed that everyone else in this field had an RV.  If you start a new construction site the contractor first sets up an RV as his base of operations.  This makes sense.  I can fit a whole TetraHouse in this thing and deploy on a site.

Flux Factory TetraHouse

I’m interested in 12 volt DC electrical systems.  My intention with TetraHouse was use use 12vdc marine and car electronics which are cheap and abundant.  Most people could live with just a light and a laptop, both of which can run off 12vdc.  Anything that requires heat would use propane. Many solar systems are 12vdc but they use inverters which turn that back into 120vac.  This process is inherently inefficient, especially appliances like laptops that use transformers to turn AC back into DC.  Keeping things DC as long as possible can allow you to use a less robust solar system.  I think it’s $1 a watt right now.  Every time you save a watt you save a dollar.  Everything I’m developing for my Chinook is applicable to the TetraHouse as well as Tiny Homes, other RVs, or anything off-grid really.

When I get things more complete I’ll post videos explaining how I did the electronics, plumbing, insulation, furniture, etc.

documentation01Here’s a panorama of the interior as I’m ripping it to shreds.  The mylar reflects all infrared radiation thus insulating the cabin.  It also acts as a magnetic shielding incase a neutron star falls into a black hole and shoots gamma rays across the galaxy, lighting up our ionosphere and scrambling our electronics.  Gotta stay safe out there. CNC mirror tile chinook renovationHere’s a glimpse of the aperiodic mirrored tiling system.